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    * Fellowship and Licentiate Diplomas in Arts Education - Music, Theatre, Arts are              now available through St Cecilia world-wide.

    *  Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship Diplomas in Performing, Teaching, Theory,               Composition and Research are available through St. Cecilia worldwide.

    * Entries for the December sessions of examinations in Australia and New Zealand            close on Wednesday 22nd September.

    *  Entries may be transferred between sessions by completing a transfer entry form           and paying the transfer fee. December entries cannot be transferred.       







ALL AUSTRALIAN ENQUIRIES:          Freecall:     1800 675 292

ALL NEW ZEALAND ENQUIRIES:       Freecall:      0800 151 661

                 INTERNATIONAL ENQUIRIES:                        (61 3) 63317343

E-MAIL ALL  ENQUIRIES:                   info@st-cecilia.com.au 


St Cecilia School of Music

The St. Cecilia School of Music was established officially in 1974 in Launceston, Tasmania.

The initial aim was to develop a professional, full-time teaching School which catered for the growing number of music students in Northern Tasmania. This aim was rapidly fulfilled.

Within a short period of time over 1000 music students were enrolled in the School with 18 fully-qualified professional music teachers. The tradition of offering high-quality music education continues to this day.

The expansion of the School’s Examination system (St. Cecilia Examinations) resulted from a need for a more relevant, innovative and exciting approach to assessing the capabilities of music students at all levels. The examination system also offers professional teaching and performing qualifications.

St Cecilia Examinations is now a powerful force in the music world with centres operating in major towns and cities throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Latest International Newsletter

The current edition of St. Cecilia's International Newsletter may be downloaded from this site. This edition features successful students and teachers in our various international centres as well as within Australia.