Exam Series / Dates - 2022

Examinations are held in all centres at various times throughout the year. Please check whether a series is available in your area before submitting entries. Should there be sufficient candidate numbers, special arrangements can be made for examinations to be held at times outside of the set periods. Enquiries are always welcomed. Theory of Music examinations may be held at anytime but entries must be made at least six weeks prior to the proposed examinatilon date.



  • April (1st - 9th April)
  • June (1st - 30th June)
  • September (1st - 24th Sept)
  • November (1st - 30th)
  • Early December (1st - 17th December)
  • Late December (18th - 23rd December) - Tasmania only



Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Invercargill, Napier, Palmerston North, Hamilton, Tauranga, Waimate

  • April (1st 14th June)  On-line only.
  • June (1st - 30th June) On-line and F2F.
  • September (1st - 30th Sept) On-line and F2F.
  • November (1st - 30th November) On-line and F2F.
  • December (1st - 20th December) On-line and F2F.

Other NZ Centres



  • July (1st - 31st)
  • January (10th - 31st 2023)


  • May (15th - 30th)


Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, UK, Rest of world

  • For examination details in these centres please contact the Head Office for St. Cecilia in Australia. info@st-cecilia.com.au


EXAMINATION CLOSING DATES 2022 - Australia & New Zealand

April Series (AUS 1-9 / NZ 1-14):                Closing Date for Entries:   February 22nd, 2022     Session now concluded.

June Series (1-30):                                   Closing Date for Entries:   April 22nd, 2022           Session now concluded.

September Series  (AUS 1-24 / NZ 1-30):    Closing Date for Entries:   July 22nd, 2022            Entries now open.

November Series  (1-30):                          Closing Date for Entries:   August 22nd, 2022        Entries now open.

December Series (AUS 1-17 / NZ 1-20):      Closing Date for Entries:   September 22nd, 2022  Entries now open.

Late December - Tasmania only (18-23):     Closing Date for Entries:   October 22nd, 2022      Entries now open.